Friday, 23 December 2011

13 actions to say "i love u"

  1. place notes in your lover's lunch telling him how much you love him .
  2. page you sweetheart with an i love your page .
  3. give her a soft kiss.
  4. make everyday things special .
  5. give your love a little note or sending him an e-mail with a poem in it .
  6. listen to her every word .
  7. making a list of everything you love about him. no matter how stupid.
  8. spend quality time with the one you love.
  9. have flower delivered with a note "i love u"
  10. give unexpected hugs and kisses in unexpected places.
  11. cook them their favorite meal.
  12. hold each other when you fall asleep .
  13. just be together .
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